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This is my second design that I've created for OSWD.

I used a gradient as a background for the "container" so it creates a nicer effect.
I also make a banner on the top that breaks the theme colors.
This site is valid with XHTML 1.1 and CSS2
The site is tested in: Internet Explorer v. 6.0, FireFox v. 1.0.7, Opera v.8.5, Netscape v. 8.0

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About me:
I'm 26 and live in the Netherlands, about a year ago I started the intrest in webdesign. First I've learned HTML 4.01 from the w3-schools and later CSS, XHTML etc. When I've desided to do more of web-development, I get the CIW WebMaster Degree. Than means not that I'm a top designer, but I try to :-). When you want to be a good designer the only way to accomplish that is to do a lot of development. And that is wat I'm doing. A lot of inspiration I get from OSWD and other sites on internet. This way I try to perfectionise the code and the layout. OSWD is a good start to test your skils.
I'm a very OpenSource minded and I think that OpenSource is the future. I'm also a big fan of Linux and all the OpenSource project like Firefox,, KDE, The Gimp etc.



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